The restaurant Ali is a family business in the island of Kos. Opened in 1986 in Platani (Kermetes) by Hatzisouleiman family (during from 16th century in Kos) called “Taverna Asklipios” on the way to Asklipion, near the Platani square. The idea to originally name the taverna with this name was because our house was across from the archaeological sit of Asklipios. In 1989 the restaurant moved to Platani Square where it became known with he name Ali. Originally the kitchen was under the responsibility of Mrs Zinet, with the invaluable help of her two sisters Ayse and Dilper, where as the service was under the responsibility of Ali and his two sons Ahmet and Hasan. (Now plus grandchild Ali and aunt Nurcemal). After 25 years of successful operation in Platani the family decided to move in 2012 downtown to the new address of the corner of Artemisias and Thessalou.

Our aim is to provide high quality tasting with the most beautiful and purest materials to satisfy the most demanding customers. The delicacies are based on 35 years of passion and cultural product of Greek and Turkish cuisine. Companionship, relaxation, business lunches, all the discreet love for the job and “Warm Heart” for our guests.